by Ocelot Kid X LEAF

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90/92 SPLIT
DIY Home Recording


released June 9, 2014

Produced, mixed and mastered by Flávio Costa.
Recorded at Flávio's rehearsal room.

tracks 1&2 written and performed by Ocelot Kid.
tracks 3&4 written and performed by LEAF.

Ocelot Kid is:
Rodolfo Sobral: vocals;guitars.
Fernando Peres: drums.

LEAF is:
João Silva: vocals;guitars.
Ricardo Mendes: drums.

Artwork by Rodolfo Sobral

Jacket Records, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ocelot Kid Montijo, Portugal

doom duo

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Track Name: Ocelot Kid - Colossus
i am a titan's son,
worship the moon and mock the sun.
out of my mouth my fathers pride,
i shade the truth beneath my hide.
Track Name: Ocelot Kid - Lord
united at birth, by the smoke in our lungs
fill the womb to breed the young
i'll hold legion.
i am millions in me.
join the sleep, burn black o'brother.

don't disturb the hive, the swarm is burning bright

and the queen will never hide, the queen will never hide

so we embrace the burn,
as blackened blooming flowers,
miscarriage love,
and break the ruling fathers,
we pray.
Track Name: LEAF - Foxbite
breaking out of the fourth dimension
greatest trial
our own demented heroes are one and same
fighting the cadence like it's part of our fate

like so
shouting stars until we can hear it
i can hear it
you can hear it
we can hear it

our words are purple, adrift
they are broken but forever strong
our three hundred and ninety six bloody hands do the talking
and set us sail upon the atlantic

and then we do this
we overflow and something amazing will probably happen
so let us drink forever my son
and on this day we dance entire oceans
crushing waves upon these stupid analogies
my brother my friend
Track Name: LEAF - Queen
flying lions fill the sky
other birds are hiding
family jewel, patricide
dirty crown forever on your head

i could show you so many reasons to end this war
like this golden armor so worn, decaying
and this feeble smile we sieged until exhaustion,
your hand draws my flaw

how could we ever like this?
it's so heavy on my scales
guess we're not getting old

this is not self destruction
it's merely division
i guess we're not getting old